Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog Post #14

Jose Picard's Blog was very interesting. He use a lot of technology in the classroom and really enjoys it. He gave a lot of tips on how to use technology in the classroom in this video which I took in and will use in the future. I think technology in the classroom is a great idea as long as it isn't strictly technology only. It gives you more resources to look up a lot of information and get connections.

People look at the disadvantage and don't think about the advantages so they think of technology in the classroom in a bad way. If you monitor and teach the children about the disadvantages then you shouldn't have a problem. Overall you have more of an advantage than a disadvantage if your doing it safely and right. You can even get benefits out of the social networks such as facebook and twitter. Before this class I didn't use the sites for benefits of school but now I see that even that is very useful. The EDM310 facebook page is a great example. That page answered a lot of my questions plenty of times to where I didn't even need to email my professor because he already answered it.

Final Report on PLN

This is my final report on my PLN. I find it very useful and helpful. I really enjoy using it and will continue to use it. It helps me to be more organized and make things a lot easier for me with having a busy schedule already.

C4K summary post

In the month of November I had the pleasure of reading and commenting on a few kids post! I really enjoy reading and seeing what kids are learning! With this going on now, it will prepare all of us for a better future. The first post I read was on a special student segment on CNN. i didn't even know they had a weekly segment for students. I really enjoyed it and will continue to keep up with it.
The next post was by Jay'Lee and it was on Camp Bentzon's Team Meanings. She talked about her experience and the significance of each building she saw. It was very interesting and I really enjoyed this post also.

C4T summary post

In the month of November I read and commented on post by Pernille Ripp. The posts were very interesting to me. The first one was on "10 ways to make it their room". I took a lot of this into consideration and may use this advice when I become a teacher myself. If you make the students feel like it's their room they may behave better and make them more comfortable which is a great thing.
The second post was funny to me. It was about the dangerous tools in school and how we need to remove them. It went on to say what was dangerous and it named everything that students need! It went from permanent markers to paper, pencils, textbooks, rulers, compass, erasers, and scissors. I responded that if that's the case then everything is dangerous because I'm sure you can find something dangerous about almost anything regardless of how silly or ridiculous it may seem.

Project #16